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Local author explores anti-bullying in new book

By Roberta Bell, Orillia Packet & Times

Sunday, December 21, 2014 5:57:43 EST PM

ROBERTA BELL/THE PACKET & TIMES - Joan Daulby is pictured with a copy of her latest children’s book, Walter Wind and Red Hat, which explores how to deal with bullies without becoming one.

One the hardest parts about dealing with bullies is doing so in a way where they aren't bullied back.

"That's how Walter Wind does it," says Oro-Medonte author, Joan Daulby, of the main character in her latest children's book.

Walter Wind and Red Hat, published by Pine Lake Books Nov. 3, follows Walter Wind as he tries to help a little boy in a red hat being bullied in a school yard.

"Walter Wind, watching this boy, can't figure out why there's nobody helping him. The kids are pushing him around," Daulby said.

Walter Wind, who, in the book, is actually wind, soars off to talk to his friend, a tree, about the situation.

"Walter Wind was so afraid to help the little boy and try and do something,"Daulby said. "He didn't want to become a bully as well."

Daulby, who presented the book at local elementary schools as part of their National Bullying Awareness Week initiatives, said she was nervous reading the book aloud to the children the first time because the subject is so touchy.

Daulby said a teacher told her not to worry because the children had been learning about it since the beginning of the year.

"There's more awareness around bullying than there used to be," Daulby said, "and people are more inclined to try and step in and stop it."

"That's the main theme. It's going through the schools. It's going through the community. Nobody wants to see bullying," Daulby said.

Daubly said the book was a tricky one to write, mostly because she wanted to make sure she did it justice.

"I sat on it for a year and then I went back to it again and made a few changes," Daulby said.

She said she wanted to be sure that children being bullied knew to report it after hearing the story.

Daulby has written four other children books about Walter Wind, but they're a little more light-hearted.

Before beginning the Walter Wind Series, Daulby penned Cool Blues, a book about a seven-year-old boy who needed glasses but was worried about what his schoolmates would think of him if he showed up wearing them.

Cool Blues is dedicated to her grandson, whose experience inspired her to write it. "It is a serious topic for a seven-year-old," Daubly said.



One morning when Walter Wind is swishing through the Town of Mulberry, he 

sees something red bobbing up and down in the middle of a circle of children.

"I'll be darned! it's a RED hat! Yes, a RED hat! And, it's on a little boy. Why are those bigger children crowded around him ...."

                            RED HAT needs help. Walter has to TELL someone.

                   Published by:- Pine Lake Books                               Illustrated by:- Bev Newton

                                       ISBN #:- 978-1-926898-64-3 e-BOOK #:- 978-1-926898-65-0

                                                                                     Distributor:- Red Tuque Books

 News Article - 01 dec2011


Local author publishes five new children's books

GISELE WINTON SARVIS, Special to The Packet & Times

Thursday, December 1, 2011 9:31:20 EST PM

Local author Joan Daulby will be signing her five children's books at Page and Turners

bookstore in Barrie on Dec. 8 from 3 to 5 p.m.

News Article - 01 dec2011

It's good to have on your Cool Blues glasses when you are outside in the Walter Wind. 

The Cool Blues and Walter Wind series are the titles of local author Joan Daulby's five books she has had published since May through Pine Lake Books, of the Haliburton area.

At her friends' urging, Daulby, who has been writing as a serious hobby for the past five years, sought out a publisher. While she admitted getting a children's book published is often difficult and time consuming, she chose to send her manuscripts to the small Ontario publisher, owned by Lynn Simpson.

"I'm a new writer. I guess I was just lucky," she said.

Daulby will be signing her books next Thursday at Page and Turners on Dunlop Street in Barrie

between 3 and 5 p.m.

The contract for five books is complete. She published four titles around the character Walter Wind, all illustrated by Bev Newton and distributed by Red Tuque books, also a Canadian company.

"Most of my stories take a lighthearted approach. Walter Wind addresses a little girl's fears about wind," she said.

The plot came from an exercise from a writing group where members had to write about an experience of sound from their own childhood.

"The wind was a fascination for me. It has the power to blow over a tree. As a child, I didn't like the wind. I didn't like the noise."

After deciding to write about wind, Daulby searched for a name for the wind character. "Walter came to mind and the alliteration works," she said.

Daulby is known locally for the writing award in her name, the Joan Daulby Award for Young Writers. She has been a member of the Mariposa Writers' Group since 2006 and she founded the Writer's Cauldron in 2008.

Cool Blues is a story about a boy who has to get glasses and is afraid that his classmates will make fun of him. Not only do the students not make fun of him; he convinces all of his classmates to get similar blue-framed specs.

"Cool Blues is dedicated to my grandson. When he was seven, he needed to get glasses," Daulby said.

Cool Blues is illustrated by Gailon Valleau.

Daulby's children's books are aimed at children between the ages of three and eight. They are available from Page and Turners in Barrie and from Pine Lake Books (

Daulby also has her own website:

It was Thursday, December 08, 2011

Author, Joan Daulby's book signing at

Page and Turners

Joan (in the middle) shown with a couple of ladies

purchasing Joan's books for their grandchildren and families.